Choose Leather that's Right for You

Choose Leather that's Right for You

Pets. An active family. Lots of parties. No problem. Check out these articles and videos from our years of experience helping consumers like you choose the right leather to match your lifestyle.  Click on the links below to learn more- 1. Chosing leather furniture-  The articles in thi...

Keeping your Leather Beautiful

Keeping your Leather Beautiful leather professionals have been teaching consumers and retailers about how to care for leather for decades.  So click here for articles and videos on caring for your leather furniture, leather car interior, motorcycle saddlebags, leather jacket or leather bags.  ...

Stressed by Problems with your Leather?

Stressed by Problems with your Leather?

All of the leather pros at own or work in leather repair businesses around the country.  We take calls daily from stressed, frustrated even angry leather consumers.  It's our job to help them, and you, find the simplest and most cost effective way to solve the pro...

We love leather but we love our charitable friends at KEZA too. Passionate leadership. Amazing stories.World changing work!

We support Keza and so should you!. Click the pic below to go to their site and learn more.

Here's a little more info:

KEZA is the result of 3 years of R&D on the ground in Rwanda. Our name means “beautiful” in their native tongue, Kinyarwanda. We are a “people inspired fashion company”, inspired by the artisans creating our extraordinary fashion goods. We are developing the lives and businesses of African women; giving them something they can believe in and own. For the first time, they are in control of their destiny. Through our one-of-a-kind products, we are shining a new kind of spotlight on Africa; one that tells the story of the beauty and excellence of its land, and of its people.


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At the formula is simple:

Your leather questions...

How do i choose the right leather for my lifestyle?, Where do I get great leather? What kind of leather is right for me? How do I clean my beautiful new leather furniture or upholstery?  What do I do with this leather problem???? 


Our Leather Experience and Expertise....

Generations spent serving local leather consumers and businesses, 1000's of leather furniture repairs like cuts,scrapes, stains, sun-fading, cracking, peeling and more,  100's of leather cleaning and restoration jobs on finished, delicate, suede, nu buck and vinyl, a network of professionals from around the world, relationships with professionals in the leather furniture, garment,auto upholstery, aviation, marine and small goods industries eager to serve you!



You Enjoying Great Leather for a Lifetime!


Here's how we're helping people like you now:


1. 220,000 YouTube views for a DIY Article- Glad to recently have passed 2500 views at YouTube for this simple video I created to help you fix a small clean cut in your leather.  View it here Easy Do-it-yourself Instructions for Repairing a Small, Clean Cut in your Leather. Glad the video is helping so many people!

2. Lots of in-home leather repair visits- This month we've saved our valued retail customers in Baltimore/Washington from shipping and replacement headaches.  I've been in homes all over the Baltimore/Washington area repairing delivery and transit damages to the satisfaction of their customers.  See our valued customers here.

3. Referrals to great leather pros everywhere- I've been helping people all over the country find qualified leather pro's in their area.  Last week we directed people on twitter in New York, Conneticut and San Fran to great pro's in the network.  You can follow my leathercare tips and travels through on twitter.

4. 20,000 reads of a leather bag article- Another 1000+ milestone... Over a 1000 views of this article The unique finishes of Saddleback Leather bags.

Lots of rabid Saddleback Leather fans out there and for good reason, they make a great product.  Hopefully the article will help you with your "leather homework" before dropping the $.  Like Dave at Saddleback says,
"you'll have for 100 years", so be sure to read up and learn if the finish you choose is what you want.  

5. Leather Pro Networking- We have started to build a network with experienced professional from around the world, like Lee Bryan of Color Care on the Costa Del Sol, Spain.  You can contact Color Care here.



Hello.  I'm Chris Repp, the creator of 

I'm glad to share my 15 years of  experiences as a leather professional with you.  Please let me know how I can help you or we can improve the site by contacting here... contact us page.







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