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Monday, 23 November 2009 15:18

        There comes a moment in every conversation I have with a potential customer that is the defining moment.  They want me to restore their leather furniture.  I really want to help them.  But, and this is the crucial but, if I decide that they have extensive PH damage to their leather there is nothing that can be done.  Mostly, this happens over the phone, so I have to ask probing questions like:  Is the leather cracking on the surface?  Is the surface smooth or rough?  Are the cracks on the seats, arms and backrest?  Are you seeing a much darker or lighter color than the surface of your leather?  If the answer is yes to these, they may have PH damage.  If they send me a picture and it looks like this:


....then they probably have PH damage.  


        Ph damage is to leather what rot is to wood.  It is a weakening of the fibers of the leather.  It is not repairable but it is preventable if you know about it ahead of time.

        I won't say that buying my products is the only way to prevent Ph damage.  But correctly cleaning your leather furniture from the time you get it is a very important part of preventing ph damage.  Along with these other steps:

        Follow these care steps and you'll prevent PH damage.  A leather pro will be able to help you if you do want professional cleaning or repairs.  And I'm sad to say, ;) , your leather may look so good that you never even need me.  

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